Service Contracts

Service Contracts are designed to keep an area pest free and demonstrate you are showing due diligence regarding pest control, they are a preventative and pro-active form of pest control encompassing all the aspects of Integrated pest control .

West Oxon Pest Control can provide a service contract tailored to your requirement which ensures you are not paying for an element of a contract that is not required. We can provide service contracts to Private Schools, Factories, Public Houses, Hotels, Restaurants, Shops, Private Houses & Letting agencies, Nursing Homes, Storage Premises, Catering and Food Processing Establishments, Industrial Units and Agricultural Premises.

As a rule, the basic type of contract would monitor and control rodents and insects. Other specific options can be included in the contract to include wasps, ants, squirrels, rabbits, moles, pigeons etc.

Should a new client have an existing problem, then this would be treated on a job basis in the first instance until the problem was under control and only then would a contract be established.

A typical contract would consist of a minimum of 8 visits per year with extra visits included if required through the course of the year. This is the recognised industry standard as the time between visits takes into account the breeding cycle of rats and mice to be completed.

A reduced number of visits can be offered per year, but this is not recommended. Written reports are left on each visit detailing premises conditions, what was found, what was done, a record of all baits and treatments used and any recommendations for the client.

Reports should be kept on site and so available to any visiting environmental health officer or concerned third party.

Quarterly Invoicing in advance for contracts is preferred but may also be arranged bi-annually or annually.

West Oxon Pest Control are happy to carry out a free survey at any premise and quote accordingly.