There are many species of beetle but the most common to invade your home is the Carpet Beetle


The larvae of the beetle is about 5mm long and is commonly called a woolly bear as it’s covered in short bristles. The adult beetle is between 1.5-4mm long. The body is very convex and coloured white, pale yellow, brown and black scales producing irregular patches which look like a “W”.

Where to find them

They are very common in the UK and enjoy warm dry conditions for the development of the larvae. This makes the centrally heated home an excellent breeding environment for the beetle. They will lay their eggs in the carpet particularly at the edges where they are undisturbed.

Bird’s nests can also harbour the eggs and larvae which may be the source of the infestation.

Disease risk and damage

Beetles are not thought to transmit any serious illness to humans.

It is very important to note that it’s the larvae stage of the Carpet Beetle that causes the pest problem, not the adult beetle. The larvae can cause considerable damage to keratin contained products such as wool carpets, fur coats, leather and silk.. Damage takes the form of clean irregular holes in clothing generally caused around the seam. They do not damage synthetic products.

Control methods

A thorough survey of the problem is required to ascertain the source of the infestation and the control methods required. Regular vacuuming helps considerably. Once the source has been identified it will be removed and a professional pest control insecticide will be applied to control the pest problem in the larvae stage of its development