The red fox is native to the British Isles and is not a pest per-se. Although now widespread throughout mainland Britain, Foxes can become a problem when they move into urban areas taking advantage of the food and shelter provided in the relatively large gardens, from compost heaps, bird-tables and garden buildings. Foxes are now accustomed to living near to people and successive generations have spread inwards towards city centres where the problem is more prevalent.

There are now ample opportunities of food and shelter for foxes in towns and cities equal to the surrounding countryside. Although foxes are predominantly nocturnal, it is not unusual to see urban foxes out during the day.

Pest Control Problem

Foxes can cause pest problems in people’s gardens and threaten the lives of pets and domestic stock such as chickens. Foxes are known carriers of sarcoptic mange (scabies), which can be transferred to humans. They also carry distemper virus which can be fatal for dogs and other pets.

Control methods

Professional pest control services will control your fox pest problems using live catch traps that are baited and set in areas of known fox activity. A professional pest control officer will monitor this trap.

It is a requirement of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 to check all live catch traps at least once every 24 hours. However, it is strongly recommended to check them once every 12 hours. All trapped animals must be treated and dealt with humanely. West Oxon Pest Control will always seek alternative re-release strategies and only recommend euthanasia as a last resort.